​College Go-To Pass (Metro Bus Pass)

The College Go-To Passes for fall semester are available at the Information Center on the St. Paul campus. These passes are good for one semester and allows you to use public transportation at a reduced rate.

Ways to Work

Ways to Work is a proven, innovative program that provides small loans to low-income parents who cannot get loans elsewhere. The purpose of the loan is to help family members pay for unexpected expenses that could interfere with their ability to keep a job or stay in school. Quite often the loans are used to purchase or fix a car.

Auto Technical Institute (ATI)

Auto Technical Institute (ATI) offers many services. One of which is Project Family Car is a program that provides affordable, reliable cars to help families make the transition from welfare to work. All vehicles are provided and refurbished by Auto Technical, Inc. Auto Technical, Inc. (ATI) accepts donated vehicles, assesses necessary repairs, refurbishes and reconditions the vehicle for a new life for a family struggling to maintain self-sufficiency.

People Responding in Social Ministry (PRISM)

Transportation is the number one barrier to getting and keeping a job. The PRISM agency is committed to removing this barrier for as many families as they can. Because of this, they have several programs aimed at getting and keeping reliable transportation in the hands of low-income working families.

Car Talk-Mechanic Files

Car Talk-Mechanic Files is a large database of over 16,000 great mechanics, recommended by customers and auto mechanic professionals.

Eastside Auto

Eastside Auto is a dealership recommended by former students.