3M Matching Gifts Instructions

3M Matching Gifts Instructions

General 3M Matching Gift Guidelines

  • The gift designation MUST be specified (such as the designation of “Annual Fund”), OR the donor’s gift and the 3M match both will be automatically directed to the “3M and Alumnae Scholarship Fund.”
  • Gifts from employees are matched 1:1 up to $10,000
  • Gifts from 3M retirees during their first five years of retirement are matched 0.50:1 for gifts up to $10,000, with a maximum match of $5,000.
  • After the fifth anniversary of retirement, gifts from 3M retirees are no longer matched.
  • Minimum gift: $25 for all donors.

Registering Online for the 3M Matching Gift

Step 1: Log on to http://www.3M.com/matchinggifts.

  • Enter your 8-digit employee number and password.
  • Click on the College/University Match link.

Step 2: Create a new matching gift registration record and select the organization name.

  • St. Catherine University's tax ID number is 41-0695509.

Step 3: Fill in the required gift information.

If you are donating to more than one gift designation, each designation and specific gift amount will need to be registered separately.

  • Enter the Gift Amount.
    • If you are making a gift of stock, please list the value of your contribution as of the legal gift date (for electronic transfers, this is the date it was transferred to the University’s account).
  • Enter the Designation for your donation.
    • PLEASE NOTE: All participants in 3M’s matching gift program will have their donation automatically designated to the “3M and Alumnae Scholarship Fund” unless they note “Annual Fund” or some restriction in the Designation field.
    • If your gift is unrestricted in general support of the University, enter “Annual Fund.” (Donors giving $1,500 or more to the Annual Fund during the year are recognized as members of the President’s Forum.)
    • Leave the designation field blank only if you want your gift and the match to go to the "3M and Alumnae Scholarship Fund."
  • Enter your Gift Payment Method.
    • If you donated stock or mutual fund shares, fill in the:
      • Number of Shares
      • Stock Symbol/Security Name (for example "MMM" or "3M Company").

Step 4: Send a copy of the "3M Matching Gifts Program Coupon" to the University via one of the following methods:

  • In a pre-printed return envelope to the Development Office Via mail to:

St. Catherine University
Attn: Matching Gifts, Box F-12
2004 Randolph Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55105-1789

Thank you for participating in 3M's very generous matching gift program!