How to Apply



How to Apply

When to apply for admission

To start this program... this term... ...apply on these dates:
Medical Coding Specialist Spring 2016 Apply now
Fall 2016 Apply now
Health Information Specialist
Spring 2016 Apply now
Fall 2016 Apply now
Health Science Spring 2016 Apply now
Fall 2016 Apply now
Medical Administrative Techician Spring 2016 Contact Abbie (612.455.5293 or for admission information.
Pre-Occupational Therapy Assistant Fall 2016 Apply now
Ophthalmic Technician Spring 2016 Apply now
Fall 2016

Apply after Feb. 1, 2016

Pre-Physical Therapist Assistant Fall 2016
Apply after Jan. 1, 2016
Phlebotomy Spring 2016 Apply now
Fall 2016 Apply after Feb. 1, 2016
Pre-Radiography Spring 2016 Apply now
Fall 2016 Apply after Feb. 1, 2016

Application and admission timelines for associate programs vary by program.

First, check the table at right to determine when applications are being accepted for your program. Apply early — spaces are limited.

For programs that start in Spring Semester, new students begin classes in February. For programs that start in Fall Semester, new students begin in September.

Application process

Follow these steps to apply for admission to an associate degree or certificate:

Complete the application form

Click on the "Apply now" links at right for the link to the application form for your program:

Submit official transcripts

Official transcripts are required for all institutions you have attended, or are currently attending, including:

  • high school (or GED results, if applicable)*
  • colleges and universities
  • technical schools
  • training programs
  • armed forces
  • all other schools

* High school transcript or GED test scores are not required for applicants who have completed bachelor's degrees.

Offical transcripts from all schools are required, even if you only took one course, or did not complete the course for which you registered. Failure to submit a transcript from each institution may result in your application being canceled.

Contact each school, college and/or university and request that official transcripts, in sealed envelopes, be sent directly to this address:

St. Catherine University
Office of Associate Admission
601 25th Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55454


If you have taken college-level courses while still enrolled as a high school student through Post-Secondary Education Options (PSEO), College in the Schools (CIS) or Concurrent Enrollment (CS), you will need to request official transcripts from the college or university from which you received credit.

If, while still enrolled in high school, you took exams for Advanced Placement (AP) or International Bacacalaureate (IB) credit, submit appropriate College Board or International Baccalaureate documentation.

If you have completed education outside of the United States ...

If you have completed any portion of your education outside of the United States, you'll need to take extra steps which will lengthen the time for application and file review. Learn more about the international academic credential evaluation process.

Next steps

After all items for your admission file have been submitted, we will review your application for admission. Then you will be notified of your status by U.S. Mail. Please call the Office of Associate Admission at 651.690.7800 if you have any questions.

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