Class Scheduling



Class Scheduling

The Dual Degree in Nursing is designed for students who want a more flexible, alternative pathway into careers as registered nurses and to completion of bachelor's degrees in nursing.

Many Dual Degree in Nursing students lead busy adult lives, with significant work, family and other commitments outside the classroom. In the Dual Degree, St. Kate's offers you more flexible class scheduling options than in traditional nursing programs:

  • In the first phase, the 2-3 year associate nursing phase, you'll choose from either an evening/weekend or weekday class scheduling format.
  • After you complete this phase and pass the NCLEX examination, you'll be eligible to start working as a registered nurse. While you're working as a nurse, you'll
  • Complete the 1-2 year, accelerated RN-BS Degree Completion phase, offered in a format designed for working nurses. Courses meet in a "blended format" ​(one-evening-per-week class meetings, combined with online interaction between meetings) or an online format.

If you're like most adult students, you'll want to make continuous, year-round progress so you can speed your time to graduation. To help you do this, St. Kate's offers you summer courses. During the associate phase, you can take liberal arts and elective courses to keep you on track.  And, during the RN-BS Completion phase, you'll take nursing courses in a continuous, 10-month sequence (including summer).