Transfer your credits to St. Kate's



Transfer your credits to St. Kate's

If you have previously attended college, St. Catherine University values your experience. This means that we'll work with you to transfer in credits to St. Kate's that may count toward your Dual Degree in Nursing.

Students frequently transfer in credits that meet the following Dual Degree in Nursing requirements:

  • Prerequisite course requirements. After you enroll as a Dual Degree in Nursing student you'll need to complete certain courses before starting your first nursing courses: Composition, General Psychology, Lifespan Developmental Psychology, General Anatomy and Physiology, Advanced Anatomy and Physiology, Applied Microbiology, Medical Dosage Calculations. 
  • Core liberal arts course requirements. You'll also need to complete specific liberal arts courses in areas like literature, theology and philosophy. (Unlike prerequisite courses, these courses do not need to be completed before starting nursing courses).
  • Elective courses that will help you accumulate the total number of credits (130) required for your St. Kate's bachelor's degree.

See our degree plan page for a detailed description of these course requirements.

To be eligible for transfer, courses must have been taken for college credit at a regionally accredited college or university. Prerequisite courses must have been taken in the last five years, with a grade of "C" or better. Non-prerequisite courses may have been taken longer than five years ago, and may be transferred in if you received a grade of "C-" or better. 

Transferring to St. Kate's — sooner is better

St. Catherine University welcomes transfer students, and will work with you to get the credit you deserve for your prior college experience. However, if you're thinking about enrolling in the Dual Degree in Nursing, we encourage you to enroll at St. Kate's as soon as possible, rather than continuing to take credits at another college.  

Why?  The Dual Degree in Nursing is integrated, with nursing and liberal arts learning experiences that build on each other for your success.  And, as a student enrolled in liberal arts courses, your chances of getting into nursing courses sooner is higher — you must first enroll as a "Pre-Nursing" student for at least one semester to progress into nursing courses, and students who have been enrolled for more credits in the "Pre-Nursing" phase of the Dual Degree in Nursing get priority for placement in limited spaces in nursing courses.

Find out if your courses will transfer to St. Kate's

Use the online resource to determine whether a course you have completed at another college or university will fulfill a liberal arts requirement for St. Kate's Dual Degree in Nursing. If you can't find a specific course listing in, contact your admission counselor for assistance.

To find out whether a previously completed course is considered equivalent to a Dual Degree in Nursing core liberal arts or prerequisite requirement:

1. Make note of St. Catherine’s department abbreviation (e.g., BIOL, PSYC, MATH, etc.) and course numbers listed in the degree plan page.
2. Connect to
3. Under “Find a School” enter either a partial name of a specific school or select a state and distance from St. Catherine, OR under the “Look for a course or transfer information” heading, choose “Equivalencies by School.”
4. Choose Minnesota and St. Catherine University.
5. Choose the state where your institution is located, and click “Go.”
6. Select the institution(s) from the list provided, and click “Add Schools.”
7. From the list created on the right, click “Create Guide.”
8. Choose the department abbreviation from your institution on the left, and the equivalent St. Catherine course(s) will appear on the right. If the course(s) don’t match the St. Catherine course equivalency listed in the degree plan list, the course will not be considered to a St. Kate's  requirement.

Transfer evaluation

After you have been accepted as a Dual Degree in Nursing student, St. Catherine University will send you an official transfer evaluation based on the official college or university transcripts you submitted when you applied for admission.

When you come to St. Kate's to register for the first time, you'll review your evaluation with your academic advisor and make a plan to complete remaining Dual Degree in Nursing requirements.

Need help understanding transfer issues?

If you have not yet been accepted into the Dual Degree in Nursing and have questions about transfer of credit, or can't find the answers you need using the tool (see above), contact your admission counselor