Your program of study: Bachelor's in Business-to-Business Sales



Your program of study: Bachelor's in Business-to-Business Sales

St. Kate’s business-to-business sales major teaches you how to influence decision-making between companies, and how to successfully manage professional customer relationships. Our courses are taught by seasoned faculty with real-world knowledge gained from experience in business and sales.

In courses for your bachelor's degree with a Business-to-Business Sales major, you’ll

  • Learn how to communicate clearly, think and reason critically, and act ethically — skills from a strong liberal arts education that will give you a competitive edge and prepare you for leadership.
  • Understand key sales knowledge about marketing, customer-centered selling, sales force leadership and more.
  • Gain workplace experience through internships or "stretch" assignments. Many students can complete stretch assignments or career development projects at their current workplace — gaining new skills and opportunities for advancement.
  • Build skills in social media and digital search; you'll learn about sales-tracking software and digital customer relationship management tools to more effectively connect with customers.
  • Ground your sales expertise in the fundamentals of business: accounting, communications, finance, management, marketing, economics, business law, psychology or sociology and statistical analysis.

To earn your bachelor's degree with a Business-to-Business Sales major, you'll complete:

  • Core liberal courses for your bachelor of science or bachelor of arts degree,
  • Courses for the Business-to-Business Sales major, listed below, and
  • Additional electives, as needed, to gain the total number of credits (130) required for your B.A. or B.S.

With your previous college coursework, you may have already met many of these course requirements. Find out more about transferring in courses you've already competed at other colleges or universities.  St. Kate's also offers opportunities to earn college credit for learning outside the traditional college classroom (noncredit courses, knowledge gained "on the job," and other "nontraditional"  sources of learning)

Contact your admission counselor for a free transfer evaluation and advising on credit for nontraditional learning.

Required Courses: Business-to-Business Sales 

  • ACCT 3210: Financial Management (4 cr.)
  • BUSI 3650: Business Law (4 cr.)
  • BUSI 4752: Business Practicum (2 cr.)
  • BUSI 4800: Business Portfolio (0 cr.)
  • MKTG 2350: Integrated Marketing Communications (4 cr.)
  • MKTG 4300: Advanced Marketing (4 cr.)
  • SALE 2330: Introduction to Selling (4 cr.)
  • SALE 3330: Professional Sales: Customer-Centered Selling (4 cr.)
  • SALE 3430: Customer Intelligence and Effective Communication (4 cr.)
  • SALE 3630: Ethics and Integrity in Selling (2 cr.)
  • SALE 4430: Advanced Sales: Strategic Account Management (4 cr.)
  • SALE 4630: Sales Force Leadership (4 cr.)

Required Supporting Courses

Note: Supporting courses must be completed with a grade of C- or better.

  • ACCT 2110: Financial Accounting (4 cr.)
  • ACCT 2130: Managerial Accounting (4 cr.)
  • COMM 1030: Speaking to Lead and Influence (4 cr.)
  • ECON 2100: Quantitative Methods in Business and Economics or MATH 1070: Finite Math Analysis (4 cr.)
  • ECON 2250: Statistical Analysis for Decision Making or MATH 1080: Statistical Analysis (4 cr.)
  • ECON 2620: Principles of Macroeconomics (4 cr.)
  • MKTG 2300: Principles of Marketing (4 cr.)
  • PSYC 1001: General Psychology or SOCI 1000: Principles and Concepts of Sociology (4 cr.)

Electives Relevant to the Major

  • BUSI 4490: Principles of Microeconomics (4 cr.)
  • BUSI 4752: Business Practicum (2 cr.)
  • MGMT 2400: Principles of Management (4 cr.)
  • MGMT 3400: Advanced Management (4 cr.)
  • MKTG 3350: Buyer Behavior and Market Research (4 cr.)

Other Recommended Electives

  • ECON 2610: Principles of Microeconomics (4 cr.)
  • ECON 3350: Financial Marks and Institutions (4 cr.)
  • ENGL 2305: Writing for Life: Developing Skill and Confidence ( 4 cr.)
  • MGMT 3460: Manageing a Diverse Workforce (4 cr.)
  • PHIL 3200: Business Ethics (4 cr.)

Writing Requirement

Business-to-Business Sales majors complete SALE 4630 to meet the Writing Requirement for Majors.

Get a head start on your master's degree

Another way Evening/Weekend/Online at St. Kate's get an edge career advancement?  While still enrolled as an Evening/Weekend/Online undergraduate student, you can get a head start on your master's degree. Qualifying Evening/Weekend/Online undergraduate students may take up to two courses from the Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership (MAOL) or Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs.  

These courses may count toward your bachelor's degree, as elective courses.  And, should you continue into the MAOL or MBA program, you'll have fewer credits to complete for your master's.