Editorial Do's and Don'ts

Editorial Do's and Don'ts

Do not use the acronym SCU when referring to St. Catherine University — use St. Kate's, St. Catherine or the University upon second reference. (Santa Clara University in California is the recognized user of SCU.)

Do not use alumni when referring to a group of St. Kate's graduates — use alumnae when referring to graduates of the Women's College or alumnae/i when referring to graduates of the graduate or associate degree programs (includes women and men).

Do not capitalize campus.

        St. Paul campus
        Minneapolis campus

Do not use st and th after dates. (The class will meet on June 21 not June 21st.)

Do use advisor — not adviser.

Do use people — not persons. The plural of person is people.

Do use Wildcats — not Wildcat — when referring to St. Kate's mascot or a St. Kate's sports team.

More information

For help with issues not addressed here, please refer to The Associated Press Stylebook and Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary. Both are sold at the University bookstore. You may also download the St. Catherine University Style Guide.