Editorial Style



Editorial Style

Editorial style promotes clarity, a primary goal of all communications. It also unifies the University's voice — and strengthens the St. Catherine University brand and key messages — in external publications, on social media and on the web.

The St. Catherine University style is based on the Associated Press Stylebook, with minor alterations for specific usage. St. Catherine University Magazine uses a combination of Associated Press and the Chicago Manual of Style. Catholic entries are based on the Catholic News Service Stylebook on Religion.

Rules specific to the St. Catherine University:

Avoid the acronym SCU in your writing. The acronym is never used in reference to the University; on second reference to the institution, always use St. Catherine, the University or St. Kate's.

Capitalize University when it refers to St. Catherine University. Use St. Catherine, St. Kate's or the University (capitalized) on second, or subsequent, reference. Never use the acronym SCU.

Capitalize Chapel when it is used as the second reference to Our Lady of Victory Chapel. On first reference, always spell out the full name of the Chapel.

Capitalize Convocation and Commencement when they refer to St. Kate's events.

Capitalize names of St. Catherine University schools, departments, programs, offices and committees ONLY when using the official name. Exceptions are shortened names that could be confusing if not capitalized.

  • School of Business and Professional Studies
  • Department of Biology, biology department
  • Center for Community Work and Learning
  • Office of Global Studies
  • Educational Policies Committee

Quick style guide 

The St. Catherine University Style Guide provides policies for frequently asked questions and commonly misused constructions. Download a copy here.


If you have questions not addressed above, call the Office of Marketing and Communications at 651-690-6831 or email stylematters@stkate.edu.