Information for Parents & Family Members

Information for Parents & Family Members

Parent, Partner and Family Guide to Career Development

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Wondering about what your student will do after graduation? | Not sure of what your student will major in at St. Kate's? | Want to help your student with career concerns, but unsure how to assist her?

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, you are not alone. Many parents and families tell us that they are concerned about how the choices their students make in college will impact their happiness and vocational prospects. When your student enters college, she is beginning a life-changing experience that will expose her to new ideas, learning, and opportunities, which may be challenging for her, and for you in your support role.

Experience shows that many students turn to their parents and families for suggestions and advice about career direction and planning. It’s likely that you will be a major sounding board for your student while she is in college. The following information is a guide to help you understand common career planning issues and developmental stages that students experience. We also hope to acquaint you with the resources and services we have to advise and support your student while she is at St. Catherine University.

Prospective students and parents can feel free to visit Career Development while on campus. Please contact the Admission's office for a referral to the Career Development Office.

Career Development for Young Adults

  • Supporting your student with academic and career decision-making
  • Development stages of college students - career related
  • Skills employers are looking for

Supporting the Evening/Weekend/Online, Associate or Graduate Student

  • Steps to support your student
  • Living at home and going to school