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About The Center +


The Abigail Quigley McCarthy Center for Women actively supports the mission of St. Catherine University by affirming the dignity of women and fostering their intellectual and leadership potential.

As a program, the Center coordinates the Women's Studies (WOST) major and minor, seeks to integrate scholarship on women across the college curriculum, and provides events and activities focusing on women.

As a catalyst for change, the Center sponsors research and action projects addressing diverse women's concerns.

As a place, the Center houses unpublished research, books, periodicals, conference reports, and other information relating to women; provides an environment for women to share ideas; and creates and encourages networks of and for women.


The Abigail Quigley McCarthy Center for Women's Research, Resources, and Scholarship was founded in 1985 and first directed by Catherine Lupori, a member of the English Department and coordinator of the, then new, minor in Women's Studies.

In 1986, the Center was dedicated to Abigail Quigley McCarthy (1915 - 2001), alumna, activist, and author. McCarthy spent her life improving the status of women in education, public policy, and the church. She was involved in the civil rights and ecumenical movements, and was deeply involved in her husband Eugene McCarthy's run for President in 1968. She was a columnist for Commonweal and also wrote successful novels and a highly praised memoir, Private Faces, Public Places.

Academic Programs

The Center for Women works in collaboration with interdisciplinary programs by sharing resources, coordinating and co-sponsoring events, and encouraging curriculum development.

Abigail Quigley McCarthy Center for Women Staff