Community Gatherings



Community Gatherings

The Center for Women provides an environment for women to share ideas and create networks of activists. St. Catherine University community members are able to use the space as a resource and gathering area for events, organization meetings and discussions.

Bag Lunch Discussions

Throughout the academic year, the Center for Women hosts the Women's Studies (WOST) and Critical Studies of Race and Ethnicity (CRST) monthly bag lunch discussions series. The series brings together faculty, students, staff, and community members to discuss current research and creative endeavors.

Friday, September 19
12-1:30 pm
Center for Women, Coeur de Catherine 230

“Meta Perspectives on the Intersection between Homelessness and Higher Education: A Faculty-Student Collaborative Oral History Project”

Beginning in 2011, St. Catherine University’s (SCU) Voices of Homelessness project solicited, collected, transcribed and preserved oral history interviews from the SCU community to document experiences of homelessness. The project was the work of professor Louise Edwards-Simpson and two undergraduate student collaborators, Lucille Russell and Helen Garcia.  Together, they created an archive of 14 personal stories from diverse individuals who faced housing insecurity in the recent past. The interviews illuminate social and economic inequalities while dispelling myths and stereotypes about those who experience homelessness. In preparation for an upcoming presentation at the Oral History Association Conference in Madison, Wisconsin, Helen, Louise, and Lucille invite you to learn more about the project and contribute to the conversation.

Louise Edwards-Simpson, assistant professor of History and project director of SCU Voices of Homelessness Oral History Project

Helen Garcia and Lucille Russell, student research collaborators of the SCU Voices of Homelessness Oral History Project