Community Gatherings



Community Gatherings

The Center for Women provides an environment for women to share ideas and create networks of activists. St. Catherine University community members are able to use the space as a resource and gathering area for events, organization meetings and discussions.

Bag Lunch Discussions

Throughout the academic year, the Center for Women hosts the Women's Studies (WOST) and Critical Studies of Race and Ethnicity (CRST) monthly bag lunch discussions series. The series brings together faculty, students, staff, and community members to discuss current research and creative endeavors.

Friday, May 2
12-1:30 pm
Center for Women, Coeur de Catherine 230

“SheWalking: Beasts of Burden”

In developing populations, it is almost universal that women and girls have the job of carrying "burdens" for the rest of the group.  Our research suggests that how far and how ably our female ancestors could move about with their offspring was a major factor in the evolution and spread of our species from Africa to other parts of the world.  Our findings contrast starkly with visions of our ancestors as elite runners who ran down prey for hours; a view forwarded by male researchers who ignore the critical importance of female biology in the evolution of our species. 

Marcie Myers, PhD
Professor of Biology, Carondelet Scholar, WHIR Center Co-Director