2014 Summer Scholars

2014 Summer Scholars

Analysis of Extracellular Matrix Molecules in Lumbriculus Embryos
Kay Tweeten and Kyrstin Danielson 

The Effect of Agriculture and Urbanization on Coupled Nutrient Cycles in Minnesota Lakes
Jill Welter, Kerrick Sarbacker, and Bree Vculek

NMR Resonance Assignment of Fatty Acid Binding Protein-4
Kim Ha and Yenchi Tran

Triboluminescent Materials: Design of Pressure-Sensitive Phosphorescent Systems
Daron Janzen, Safia Hirsa, and Meaghan Bruening

Biologically Active Natural Products Produced by Fungal Pathogens of Alfalfa
Ani Jordan, Marne Louters, and Nicole Blanshan

Communication Studies
Women’s Voices: Reimagining the Public Speaking Curriculum
Rafael Cervantes and Brianna Byram

Nutrition and Exercise Science
Assessment of Knowledge, Attitudes and Behaviors Associated with Legume Intake by Parents and Their Children
Teri Burgess-Champoux, Lynn Luecke, and Kayla Guerrero

The Effects of Low-intensity Resistance Training on Joint Range of Motion in Older Women
Joshua Guggenheimer, Alexis Barret, and Christina Ramsdell

Research and Development of a Low Cost Robotics Platform
Kaye Smith and Kassandra Surma

Influence of Media Images on Food Choice and Food Intake
Anaya Mitra, Lauren Lund, and Alexandria Thompson

The City in the Song of Songs
Elaine James and Jasmine Kurth