Teaching TRW

Teaching TRW

Required Materials and Admin

Liberal Arts Goals in TRW – mapping St. Kate's liberal arts goals to TRW

Reflective Judgment Model – outlines stages of development of complex reasoning skills for adolescents and adults. The model considers how individual values, conceptualizations and assumptions influence personal reasoning in complex issues.

Service-Learning in Core – report from Core Workshop presented by Community Work and Learning about service-learning and the core curriculum.

Evaluation Forms

Student Perceptions of Teaching Effectiveness - PART I (TRW & GSJ) Includes 17 required and 3 optional GSJ questions for faculty evaluation form.

Evaluation of Teaching/Learning Process - PART II (TRW and GSJ)

Evaluation of Teaching/Learning Process - Part III (TRW only)

Required Class Elements

St. Catherine University's Criteria for Writing Intensive (WI) Courses

Bridging Elements between TRW and GSJ Common readings, assignments and activities.

Library orientation and instruction sessions for TRW Information about arranging a session with the library.

Poster Presentations

All Day College TRW students are required to attend the all-campus poster session and reflect on what they saw.

All WEC TRW students are required to view WEC posters on Blackboard and provide comments to the presenters via the Discussion Board.

If a Day TRW student is unable to attend their respective poster session, faculty has the option of allowing that student to view and comment on WEC posters posted on Blackboard. Please contact the Core Office, x8845 to arrange access to the Blackboard site for the student and yourself.

Syllabus Materials

Unit Objectives, Knowledge and Skills for TRW Draft goals updated in 2008 for the new TRW Reader and 3 units.

What Happens at the End of the TRW Course

Send the Core Office an electronic copy of your syllabus, assignments, and course schedule. During your last class, students are rquired to do the faculty/course evaluations. Information will be sent to you from the Core Office. Send the Core Office a copy of all student final reflections papers. Copies should include your comments to the students, student's name removed and your name removed if included on the paper.

You will receive an email from the Core Office towards the end of the term reminding you of what needs to be sent in, what will be coming to you, and other misc. important information. Please watch for this email.