Center for Sales Innovation

The Center for Sales Innovation, established at St. Catherine University in 1998, is a national leader in education, research, professional development and training for women sales professionals. The center focuses on developing successful and ethical sales leaders, and on advancing the field of sales. The combined support of staff, faculty, and corporate and community partners ensures that the center can provide leading educational opportunities to students and sales professionals.

St. Catherine is the only university in Minnesota that offers majors and minors in both Business Sales and Healthcare Sales. A career in sales can be rewarding, and opportunities for advancement are virtually unlimited. Sales professionals are instrumental in affecting the strategy of their company, and they interact with all areas of an organization, including marketing, operations, and finance. At St. Kate's, students and future sales leaders benefit from:

  • Small class sizes of, on average, fewer than 15 students.
  • Real-world experience through internship opportunities.
  • Experienced Sales faculty, many with years of corporate experience, who love mentoring future sales leaders.
  • National sales competitions, which hone skills, provide experience, and help catch the attention of employers.
  • Outside nationally known guest speakers who share the latest industry trends and enrich learning.   

St. Catherine and its Center for Sales Innovation offer the following academic degree and certificate programs:

Business-to-Business Sales

St. Catherine offers a four-year undergraduate degree as well as a certificate in this field. Business-to-business sales is an intellectually and interpersonally rewarding field, requiring business skills and the art of personal connection.

Healthcare Sales

St. Kate's is a national leader in this field and offers a four-year undergraduate degree, as well as a certificate program. With long-standing relationships to major medical corporations, the healthcare sales major or certificate is sure to position you for success.

Sales Minor

If you would like to augment your studies with sales skills, St. Kate's offers a sales minor. You'll gain an understanding of business and sales principles, which can be applied in any field.

Professional Development Programs

Professional development programs offered by the Center include:

Women's Sales Leaders Program — The only sales development program in the country designed specifically for women sales professionals. This unique program addresses the growth of emerging sales leaders through seminars, networking opportunities and personal development. More »

Sales Executive Forum — Join us each month for stimulating breakfast discussions with respected sales leaders and business executives. More »


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