Giving Physical Stock Certificates



Giving Physical Stock Certificates

To transfer the ownership of your physical stock certificates, you will need to mail or hand-deliver the following to St. Catherine University:

1. Stock Certificate(s): For security purposes, please do not endorse the back of the certificate(s).
2. Letter of Intent: This can be as simple as a letter signed by the donor(s) containing the following text: "I/We hereby give to St. Catherine University ____ (number of shares) of _______ (name of security) in support of the _____________ (fund name, such as "Annual Fund"). Alternately, you may contact the University to receive a copy of a "Letter of Intent" form. If a stock certificate is held in joint tenancy, both individuals must sign the Letter of Intent.
3. Stock Power: Use the PDF stock power form, or call the University to receive a mailed copy. If a stock certificate is held in joint tenancy, both individuals must sign the stock power. Only your signature(s) is/are required.
4. Photocopy of your Driver's License or Passport: To verify your signature, the University's broker now requests that for any donor signing the stock power, a copy of her or his driver's license or passport (showing the donor's name and signature) also be included. If you are copying your driver's license, please enlarge it so that the signature can be seen. Thank you.

Mailing Instructions

If you are mailing your stock certificate(s) to St. Catherine University, please send the certificate(s) and Letter of Intent via certified mail to the University in a separate envelope from the signed stock power and copy of your driver's license or passport. Because the certificates will not be negotiable without the stock power, using separate envelopes safeguards your gift.

Address:  St. Catherine University
Attn: Gift Processing, Box F-12
2004 Randolph Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55105-1789


Fax: 651.690.6918

Terri Bouressa
Information Services Coordinator
800.945.4599 x6976

NOTE: It is not necessary for you to send your certificate(s) to a transfer agent for registration in the University's name.