Early Learning Program



Early Learning Program

The Early Learning Program is an educational program for children 33 months to 5 years of age. Children experience group learning joyfully. They make new discoveries through self-directed activities and small group explorations about themes that have been carefully developed by the teaching staff. The various learning centers of Math, Science, Language, Socialization and Play are integrated into the theme work.

Sensitivity and respect characterize our approach for your child: respect for the whole child as a person, for individual differences and learning style, for each child's right for intellectual and social growth, and to have the support of concerned adult when needed. As a staff we work hard to be responsive to the needs and interests of each child. Throughout the program, emphasis is placed on fostering self-esteem, developing social awareness and a sense of community, encouraging independence, promoting language development, developing problem-solving skills, and providing challenging stimulation within a nurturing environment.

The Staff

Our teachers have university degrees, previous classroom teaching experience and our lead teachers have been here for ten years or more. All of our teachers are certified in CPR and First Aid.

St. Catherine students assist us during transition times in the early mornings, lunch time, and late afternoons.

School Enrollment Policy

The Center enrolls children on a first come, first serve basis. However, there is a preference given to families who are members of St. Catherine’s community (students, staff, faculty), children who are enrolled in our Montessori class who need additional hours of care, and siblings of children currently enrolled.

The Center accepts children with special needs when we can meet their needs in the opinion of the staff, parents and appropriate professionals.

Parents or guardians interested in enrolling their children are encouraged to visit the Center. A visit can be scheduled by calling or emailing the Center and setting up an appointment with the Director.

Schedule and Fees

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