K-12: World Languages and Cultures, Spanish Licensure



K-12: World Languages and Cultures, Spanish Licensure

The World Languages and Cultures - Spanish K–12 content area is designed for those looking to teach the Spanish language and culture to students at all grade levels.

Prerequisite course work

Students enrolling in this content area must have proficiency in Spanish to an intermediate level (completed Elementary Spanish II or its equivalent) with a grade of B or higher.

Required courses

This content area consists of the requirements for K–12 licensure plus four education courses at St. Catherine and the University of St. Thomas and an undergraduate Spanish major at St. Kate’s.

If you place into SPAN 2110 and/or 2120, those courses may be counted toward earning the Spanish major. In this case, you must take an additional seven 3000 or 4000-level courses (with a minimum grade of C) to fulfill requirements for the Spanish major.

Content Courses:

  • SPAN 3050:  Visions of Hispanic World:  Reading to Speak and Write (4)
  • SPAN 3160: Hispanics in the United States (4)
  • SPAN 3250: Introductory Critical Cultural and Literary Analysis (4)
  • SPAN 4860: Senior Seminar (4)

Selected Content Courses (select three from the following options):

  • SPAN 3550: Short Stories in Spanish (4)
  • SPAN 3700: Contemporary Hispanic Text (4)
  • SPAN 4000: Hispanic Masterpieces (4)
  • SPAN 4100: Hispanic Women Writers (4)
  • SPAN 4602/4:  Internship (2) or (4)
  • SPAN 4994: Topics (4)