Teaching and Advising Support



Teaching and Advising Support

Curriculum Development Award

Curriculum Development Awards support new course or program development, significant revitalization of existing curriculum and projects that improve learning outside the classroom. Learn more »

Global Studies Curriculum Development Grants

There are a variety of grants available to faculty wishing to develop study abroad courses as well as Internationalization of the curriculum.  Log in to learn more »

Myser Initiative

An initiative to infuse Catholic perspectives and understandings more deeply into the courses and daily life on campus without forcing beliefs on non-Catholic members of the community. 
Contact Sister Amata Miller for summer workshop information and for related events.

Opening Workshops

August opening workshops for faculty and staff with concurrent sessions on teaching, learning, etc. are faculty development opportunities.

Contact Bonnie LaDuca in Academic Affairs with questions.

Teaching and Learning Network (TLN)

TLN is the University’s annual January faculty and staff conference featuring an opening presentation followed by concurrent sessions on teaching and learning.

Each TLN conference includes a Sister Ann Joachim Moore Lecture, a coveted honor among faculty. Recent Moore Lecture themes:

  • Wilcox, a Professor of Sociology, Women's Studies and Critical Studies of Race and Ethnicity, at St. Kate's, first asked the group to join her in a quiet meditation, as an embodied exercise to set the stage for her talk. Then she led faculty and staff on a tour of her experiences with dance, pedagogy and social justice, as she delivered the Sister Ann Joachim Moore Lecture.
  • With the help of Haitian proverbs and first-hand accounts, Susan Klappa, PT, Ph.D., shared insights from the international community with faculty and staff at St. Catherine University. She spoke of her “comilia,” a community-turned-family that inspires her to work and teach through an international lens.

Teaching Spirals

Teaching Spirals (Cyber) are a resource for University faculty to stay up-to-date on teaching trends, techniques and pointers for curriculum development. From tips on classroom lecture and group work to improving student study techniques, these resource can help inform teaching methods and, overall, promotes the value of collaboration of ideas across the academic community.

Writing Intensive Program (WIP)

The goal of the St. Kate's Writing Intensive Program (WIP) is to ensure that each student achieves proficient writing skills by undergoing an intentional writing process of drafting, revising, editing, and learning to document sources correctly. The writing intensive program offers workshops to assist with course proposal and teaching/writing intensive programs. Log in to learn more »