Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Health Insurance abroad

All St. Kate's students studying off-campus are required to have sufficient health insurance. First, check with your own health insurance company to see if you are covered while traveling overseas and the terms of that coverage.

For semester and year-long students, find out if your program provider offers health insurance coverage.  Some programs include health insurance in the program fee. 

If you need to purchase additional travel health insurance for a short-term or semester program, you may compare insurance policies for study abroad students at .

Trip Cancellation Insurance

Students are encouraged  to consider purchasing trip cancellation insurance for either semester/year or short-term programs.  Trip cancellation insurance typically covers costs associated with cancelling or delaying travel abroad.  Study abroad programs normally do not include trip cancellation insurance , so this is something students and families should discuss before the student's departure.  You can compare insurance policies at

Getting Help Abroad

The State Department's Bureau of Consular Affairs website includes resources for getting help with medical and other emergencies abroad.

In an extreme medical emergency, first get medical treatment from local sources. Be aware that you will probably have to pay for treatment up front and submit a claim to your insurance company later.

If immediate medical treatment is not necessary, you may also call the nearest Embassy or Consulate to get advice about what to do next, including notifying local police or finding English-speaking doctors.

Disability Travel Links

There are many study abroad programs that will work with students who need for academic or physical disability accommodation.  The Office of Global Studies encourages students with such needs to explore the possibility of study abroad. We will be happy to work together with you to research study abroad options and we hope to help you find one that will suit you personally as well as academically. We want to assist you and work with you as well as with the O'Neill Center for Academic Development and the program provider abroad to explore the possibility of living and studying in another country.

Below are some useful sites for research.  To meet with a study abroad advisor, call the Office of Global Studies at (651) 690-6472 to set up an appointment. Please visit us early on--about a year before you actually want to be abroad.

University of Minnesota Access Abroad site

Mobility International