2014 Photo Contest Winners



2014 Photo Contest Winners

Cultural Connections

  • 1st Place: Mai Moua


"Never too many" - Displays a shop in the local supermarket of a woman selling lots of baskets.


  • 2nd Place: Hlee Vang


"Morning Walks of Seoul" - The soft hues that crack through the streets of Hongdae, Seoul was my wake up call before beginning our adventures of South Korea.

South Korea

Katies Abroad

  • 1st Place: Kylie White

Snail City Self Portrait.JPG

"Snail City Self Portrait" - Snail City is a small neighborhood around Gwangju that still has many traditional style buildings. It is surrounded by fields. I took this self portrait using a traffic mirror. I'm there, if you look closely.

South Korea

  • 2nd Place: Courtney Larson


"Dancing with the Devil" - This picture was taken in a small town called Pillaro, in Tungurahua Province. We were watching a parade during the La Diablada festival when our guide suggested we join in. The festival is an annual event where neighboring townspeople visit and dance with their own homemade masks. We were fortunate enough to partake in this cultural event during our own study abroad GSJ Ecuador course.


People's Choice Award

  • Jamie Wilson

1st Place CC-Caribbean 2014  - Copy.JPG

"Viva Cuba" - Taken in Old Havana, during a tour of the city. A flock of birds hovered on top of the Basilica Menor de Francisco de Asis and took off flying at the perfect moment, making for a gorgeous photo.