Teach Abroad and Internationalize Your Academic Self!

Teach Abroad and Internationalize Your Academic Self!

Teach Abroad in Merida, Mexico

Central College Abroad announces an exciting opportunity for SCU faculty to teach on the Merida, Mexico, program.  All classes are taught in English.  Applications from any department on campus are welcomed.

The invitation includes very specific details of responsibilities as well as compensation. Click here for the application form. 

The deadline to apply for fall 2016 is late April 2014.

This opportunity is available every two years.  Consider applying for 2016!

Teach Abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark

The Denmark International Study (DiS) program invites faculty to apply to teach an upper division 3-credit course for one semester at DIS in Copenhagen.  Proposed courses must complement the existing DIS curriculum and be adapted to take advantage of local/regional resources.

See more information and application materials on the DiS website, or contact Catherine Spaeth in Global Studies

Teach Abroad at United International College in Zhuhai, China

St. Kate's faculty have the opportunity to teach as visiting faculty for one semester or one year at UIC, an English-medium, liberal arts college in southern China.  Faculty from liberal arts disciplines or who are willing to teach liberal arts subjects may apply.  Applications will be submitted to the Director of the Office of Global studies one year in advance of the proposed visit.  Contact Catherine Spaeth for more details.

Resident Fellows Program at IAU College, Aix-en-Provence, France

IAU College invites faculty on sabbatical leave to apply for the  Resident Fellows Program designed for visiting professors.  This is a one-semester program. Visit the IAU College Resident Fellows page for more information.