Meet Our Admission Counselors

Meet Our Admission Counselors

Let our admission counselors be your guide to graduate studies at St. Kate's. Direct your question to the counselor who specializes in your program of interest.

alexander_thumb2.jpgSylvia Alexander-Sedey

Programs: Education, Montessori, Theology

What I like best about St. Kate’s: “The St. Kate’s community is like a family. It has a small town feel where you know most of the faculty and staff on both campuses and you get to know students by name. I began working on the Minneapolis campus and then transitioned to the St. Paul campus. St. Kate’s is a community I am proud to be a part of.”

A.A., liberal arts and sciences, Normandale Community College
B.A., speech communication, St. Cloud State University
M.A., organizational leadership, St. Catherine University

chalberg_k_thumb.jpgKristin Chalberg

Programs: Physician Assistant Studies, Physical Therapy, Public Health

What I like best about St. Kate’s: “I have forged personal and professional relationships that I hope will last a lifetime. The campus grounds have an obvious outward beauty; the University has an inward beauty, too. It's a collaborative, inclusive and inviting place to work. Everyone employed here, no matter the role, wants students to succeed. And most importantly, for me, is St. Kate’s founding principle of social justice and an ethic of caring that inspires me to live and work better.”

B.A., history, University of Minnesota–Duluth
M.A., organizational leadership, St. Catherine University
Certificate, dispute resolution, Hamline University

cline_thumb.jpgAnita Cline-Cole

Programs: Business Administration, Organizational Leadership

What I like best about St. Kate’s: “I’m blown away by the quality of the students and faculty at St. Kate’s. I also like the community feel. It’ s great to be part of an institution with a strong identity and historical significance.”

B.S., business administration and marketing, Northwestern College
M.S., higher education administration, St. Cloud State University

Margie Larson

Programs: Holistic Health Studies, Nursing (MSN, DNP)

What I like best about St. Kate’s: “Students are at the center of everything we do here! I am fortunate to be part of the process that helps people determine if St. Catherine is the right place for them to continue their education. We draw from a very strong history, mission and vision. What a great job!”

B.A., psychology and sociology, St. Cloud State University

M.A., holistic health studies, St. Catherine University

Mary Palin

Programs: Interpreting Studies, Occupational Therapy (MAOT, OTD), Social Work

What I like best about St. Kate's: "St. Kate's is an incredibly welcoming community and as soon as I set foot on campus, I felt like I belonged here. Students, faculty and staff at St. Kate's are kind, dedicated and full of life and I could not be happier to be a part of such an amazing group of people!"

B.A., mass communication: public relations, Winona State University

Kristina Sande

Program: Library and Information Science

What I like best about St. Kate’s: “The faculty and staff are wholly focused on our students. We are dedicated to providing outstanding academic programs and support services to fully prepare them for the rigors of their chosen profession. We strive to make each student’s experience challenging, engaging and rewarding — from the first day of class to graduation and beyond.”

M.S., college student development and counseling, Northeastern University
M.A., organizational leadership, St. Catherine University