Program of Study: Certificate



Program of Study: Certificate

The Holistic Health Studies Certificate is a shorter, more concentrated option for students interested in pursuing graduate-level study in alternative and complementary therapies. It's a flexible option if a full master's degree in holistic health studies isn't right for you. The certificate can be completed in as little as one year.

Students choose the certificate for a variety of reasons. If you already have a master's (or doctoral) degree — perhaps as the foundation for your practice in traditional healthcare, social work, counseling, education or other fields — a second (or third) graduate degree may not be in your future. But a concentrated exploration of holistic health practices could add value to your graduate-level knowledge. 

Or, if you don't have an advanced degree, you may choose the certificate because you're ready for an introduction to holistic health but not ready to commit to a full master's program.

As a certificate student you'll pursue a program of study that includes at least 12 credits from the holistic health studies curriculum. Some students enter the certificate program and decide, at a later date, that they'd like to continue on with the full master's. If so, all credits earned in the certificate may be applied toward master's degree requirements. 

Core courses

  • HHS 6700: Foundations of Holistic Health and Wellness (2 credits)

  • HHS 6720: Complementary/Alternative Approaches to Health Care (2 credits)

  • HHS 6730: Culture as a Resource in Health and Healing (2 credits)


Select from the following to add up to an additional 6 or more credits.

  • HHS 6760: Ecology and Health (2 credits)

  • HHS 6982: Holistic Entrepreneurship (3 credits)

  • HHS 6983: Perspectives of Health and Healing in India (3 credits)

  • HHS 7520: Women and Holistic Health (2 credits)

  • HHS 6740: Spiritual Wellness (2 credits)

  • HHS 7500: Core Concepts in Mind/Body Interactions (2 credits)

  • HHS 7710: Alternative Approaches to Nutrition (2 credits)

  • HHS 6820: Movement, Relaxation and Health (2 credits)

  • HHS 7800: Mindfulness Based Meditation (3 credits)

  • HHS 7830: Energy Healing I (3 credits)

  • HHS 7835: Energy Healing II (3 credits)

  • HHS 7900: Herbology (3 credits)

Federal Gainful Employment Disclosure Requirement for Certificates
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