Leadership Challenge Karmit Bulman



Leadership Challenge Karmit Bulman

17th Annual
Leadership Challenge Conference
"Recognizing Possibilities: Taking Action"

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Karmit Bulman

When done well listening transforms relationships, alleviates the need for decision making, resolves conflict and solves problems.  The power of listening is truly transformative.  Active listening is the brunt of so many jokes because too often we learn the mechanics without getting to the heart of why and how listening can be so powerful.
Through demonstrations, exercises and role plays you will learn what to listen for including basic human needs, emotions, and identity issues; how to listen on the internal, interpersonal, and global levels; and the ability to hear what people really mean and not just what they are saying.
You will walk away from this workshop having practiced using listening to address a conflict in your life and with a plan for how to utilize these skills in your workplace and/or home.
Learning Outcomes:
  >   Learn what to listen for including basic human needs, emotions, and identity issues.
  >   Know and practice listening on three different levels: internally, interpersonally, and globally.
  >   Develop a strategy for using listening to resolve a current conflict that you are facing.
  >   Understand why reflecting what a person says is more than just parroting, why it is so important and improve your ability to do so.
  >   Gain a sophisticated understanding of listening to body language.
  >   Develop the ability to hear what other people really mean and not just what they are saying.

Karmit 1610x160.jpgKarmit Bulman is the executive director of the Conflict Resolution Center (CRC) and is an attorney, qualified neutral under Rule 114, adjunct professor of Law at University of Minnesota School of Law and the author of The Conflict Consultant’s Handbook. Ms. Bulman has been the director of non-profit organizations for 29 years.
Karmit also was a managing attorney for Minnesota Legal Services Coalition and served as executive director for the Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women, Avenues for Homeless Youth and Temple Israel.
In her current position, she is responsible for financial management, program development, public and community relations, fund raising and oversight of CRC operations. CRC is a community-based, non-profit organization formed in 1981 for the purpose of strengthening communities by teaching and providing mediation and conflict resolution services.