5-Step Program Credit Approval Process



5-Step Program Credit Approval Process

If you are interested in having participants earn CEUs for your St. Catherine-sponsored workshop, conference or seminar, your program must meet the following criteria:

Important Note
You must apply for CEUs in advance of advertising or publicizing the event.
           > Responsible Sponsorship. The organization is offering continuing education consistent with its mission and has the professional resources to provide quality programming.
           > Capable Direction. The program is well-organized and its structure fosters sharing and applying knowledge.
           > Qualified Instruction. The program has academic content and the presenter(s) have credentials relevant to the topic(s) being presented.
If your program meets these criterion, you can then complete the 5 steps below.

5-Step Process

      1. Complete the CEU application form
         Download the CEU application form», fill it out and return it to the Center for Continuing Education. You must submit an application even if we have previously approved CEU's for a similar event in the past. You will be notified of approval within two weeks.
      2. Advertise the availability of CEUs
          In promotion of the event, please use the verbiage below:
         "Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for this event are provided through the College for Applied and Continuing Learning at St. Catherine University."
     3. Collect required information from participants
         Collect the name, street addresses and emails of participants who wish to receive CEU's and send the list to ce@stkate.edu. We will send participants a link to the CEU registration for your program.
    4. Collect fee
        There is a $20 fee per person per CEU. Included in this fee is the price of one CEU transcript, which we mail to participants after they have registered online or we have received the CEU attendance sheet. Payments accepted include a) cash or check at the event b) check or credit card upon online registration