Educational Objectives



Educational Objectives



Monday-Friday, July 21 - 25, 2014 from 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

At the conclusion the participant will:

  • Describe ethical boundaries to establish with narrator and family concerning who has input, copyright ownership, and participation in the interview/editing process
  • Identify the goal of your small business and intentional price and process for marketing services
  • List five possible risks to the client’s emotional health and appropriate assessment
  • Name the steps in an appropriate referral for counseling
  • Model an interview with an older client
  • Know how to close a sale
  • Name the phases in late life aging as outlined by Gene Cohen
  • Write and present an initial partial draft to a narrator
  • List 4 accommodations for older people in the memoir recording process
  • Describe the critical steps in archival bookbinding
  • Identify 3 quality issues for printing a memoir
  • Create an imaginary family book-signing scenario for your narrator
  • Provide 5 responses to a resistant narrator
  • Write a news release
  • Respond to a telephone inquiry from a prospective buyer
  • List 3 characteristics of a potential narrator that would cause you to decline work
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