Leadership Challenge Margaret B. Smith



Leadership Challenge Margaret B. Smith


17th Annual
Leadership Challenge Conference

"Recognizing Possibilities: Taking Action"

Understand Yourself and Others: Adapting and Connecting for an Effective Leadership Outcome 


Margaret B. Smith
The role of leaders is changing rapidly and our ability to inspire, motivate, adapt and connect is more important than ever. Developing and refining transferable leadership skills and building our self-awareness are keys to a successful experience no matter where you are in the business matrix.  This workshop will help you see yourself more clearly and those around you with a new perspective.
Participants will:

   > Gain a clearer understanding of the perception others have of them.
   > Develop the skills to more effectively connect and honor the different perspectives of those they interact with.
   > Inspire and motivate peers, leadership and direct reports.
   > Communicate more effectively in order to be heard and get noticed.
   > Be given the opportunity to participate in an on line assessment that results in a complete and amazing profile to help implement your effectiveness plan.


MBSmith _160x160.jpgMargaret B. Smith is the founder of UXL, a career coaching and leadership consulting firm located in the Twin Cities. Through UXL, Margaret offers individuals and teams the guidance necessary to improve communication and reach maximum potential. She specializes in one-on-one coaching, job coaching, and energized speaking.

UXL also offers personalized transitional career coaching, including preparation for an interview, resume writing, cover letter writing, personal skill assessments, and career coaching. Clients share a desire to develop leadership skills and management skills, learn how to achieve their goals and how to help others.
As a retired 3M director, Margaret Smith has spent 33 years in business management and leadership development.
Margaret is a frequent guest lecturer at the Saint Catherine University, as well as, an adjunct professor in the Business and Leadership Department, She also leads a Woman’s Sales Leaders cohort for Saint Catherine’s, a group of sales professionals seeking development opportunities and networking with leaders in the marketplace. She is a member of the National Association of Professional Women, is cited as a leading new entrepreneur in Cambridge Who’s Who.

In addition to her professional work, Margaret is the Council Chair for a Women’s Shelter in Stillwater.