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Course Description

Ethics & Safety in Education:

Guidelines for Teachers & Administrators

EDUC 591V: 2 semester CE grad credit $305
C0120: 3 CEUs $200
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Welcome to Ethics & Safety in Education: Guidelines for Teachers & Administrators, an interactive computer-based instruction course, which is a prevention course developed to help educators reduce and eliminate violations of ethics and professional conduct codes. The course is intended to keep ethical teachers ethical and to be a part of a larger school district plan to protect the district’s teachers, staff, and students.

The course’s central premise is that the vast majority of ethics and boundary violations occurring in schools today are being committed by competent and ethical educators who, for reasons to be discussed, are making very poor decisions during susceptible periods in their careers. All professionals have the potential to commit an ethics/boundary violation. Understanding and addressing one’s violation potential before a violation occurs is essential in protecting students, careers, and the teaching profession’s integrity. It is easier to anticipate and not commit a violation than to correct one after the fact.