VESi Harassment, Bullying & Cyber-Intimidation in Schools



VESi Harassment, Bullying & Cyber-Intimidation in Schools

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Course Description

Harassment, Bullying & Cyber-Intimidation in Schools

C0059: 3 CEUs $200

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Our educational institutions are, ideally, places where faculty and students are able to work and learn in a setting that is free from intimidation and offensive, hostile behavior.  Unfortunately, this is not always the case.  Harassment, specifically, sexual harassment, bullying, and cyber-intimidation effectively prevents this type of environment.  As a result, all members of the academic community have a constant and meaningful interest in eliminating all forms of harassment. Schools have a de facto obligation to provide all persons with the promise of being able to develop professionally, intellectually, personally, and socially in egalitarian and humane surroundings.

The risk that all public and private school environments face is high in terms of diminished productivity, lost time, and profound legal ramifications and financial liability for both the harasser and the administration.  It is essential that institutions and workplaces confront and address harassment, as it constitutes a violation of an individual’s legal rights.  Harassment also threatens the physical and emotional well-being and performance of staff and interferes with the learning experience of students.  

This class will discuss definitions and the personal, social, and legal ramifications associated with sexual harassment, bullying, and cyber-intimidation. The sections will address what we know about these troubling areas, and the final section will explore preventative strategies as well as how school staff can address these issues when they occur. A clear understanding of what constitutes harassment and the harmful effects of harassment on people and institutions is essential to providing a safe and inclusive school environment for all.