Advanced Montessori Programs

St. Kate's program offers you an online pathway to improve learning in the classroom, developing your potential as an innovaator in the Montessori profession.

St. Catherine University is where Montessori educators from around the world enroll in graduate degrees, certificates and workshops that advance their careers — and their profession. 

Advanced learning for Montessori educators

At St. Kate's, educators build on their Montessori experience and learn skills for improving learning in their classrooms. They join a supportive learning community dedicated to innovation and authentic Montessori practice. And — through their own research — they shape best practices for the next generation of Montessori educators. They become leaders in their profession.

  • Advance with a master’s degree

In the online AM2 master's program, St. Kate's recognizes your prior teacher training (for your AMS, AMI or other MACTE-accredited credential) and offers you a path to complete your master's.

  • Improve STEM learning in Montessori classrooms

In the graduate Montessori STEM courses, Montessori educators learn to improve science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) learning within an authentic Montessori curriculum.

  • ReNEW your practice

In Montessori ReNEWal graduate courses, Montessori teachers explore new learning, share experiences with colleagues, gain new insights into practice, philosophy and content knowledge while being renewed in body, mind and spirit. Find out more.

  • Explore our Montessori professional development workshops

Workshops are short, "noncredit" continuing education opportunities that will enrich your understanding of Montessori.  Workshops are for credentialed teachers, classroom assistants, specialist teachers, administrators, parents and board members. See our workshop calendar.

Getting started in Montessori education

If you're not yet certified as a Montessori educator, consider earning a Montessori teaching credential through our partner, the Montessori Center of Minnesota (MCM). MCM students have the option of also earning St. Kate's graduate credit for MCM coursework and earning the Master of Arts in Education degree.