Montessori ReNEWal: Become the Montessori child you always wanted to be

Montessori ReNEWal: Become the Montessori child you always wanted to be

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St. Catherine University Advanced Montessori Programs has created a Montessori environment where teachers can explore new learning, share experiences with colleagues, gain new insights into practice, philosophy and content knowledge while being renewed body and spirit. 

New for Summer 2014: A course for credentialed Montessori teachers interested in updated content and reflecting deeply on their practice: Montessori Renewal: The Story of the Universe.

  • A "hybrid" course — four weeks of online learning and a six-day, summer face-to-face experience in St. Paul, Minnesota. On-campus housing is available.
  • Additional Montessori ReNEWal courses are in development for Summer 2015 and beyond, leading to a graduate certificate.
  • For registration information, contact your admission counselor, Sylvia Alexander-Sedey (

Montessori ReNEWal course for Summer 2014: The Story of the Universe

  • Real: In this lab experience the Montessori guide becomes an active participant in a fully functioning Montessori environment. Morning work cycles and afternoon salon sessions give us the opportunity to cultivate meaningful and collegial relationships with seasoned peers and instructors all the while cultivating reverence for the Great Lessons at the heart of Cosmic Education.
  • New: The Universe is awe inspiring, but can also feel intimidating. Shore up your confidence and competence in teaching The Story of the Universe through a variety of innovative and updated stories, lessons and follow-up work. Updated content, innovative course structure and a unique lab experience work allow us to immerse ourselves in this transformational method of education that reawakens and reinvigorates our own curiosity and reverence. See the world anew, like a child.
  • Renewal: Montessori taught us to look at the whole child, in this course we are asked to reflect on ourselves as whole guides. The stress and pressures of today’s Montessori classrooms are testing us all. Deepen your reflection and practice through techniques that empower you to care for yourself, body, mind and spirit.

This summer’s ReNEWal course focuses on Montessori’s First Great Lesson.

20140508_montessori_headshots_075 (reduced)_0_0.pngStudents will reawaken their reverence for the Story of the Universe, update and invigorate their content understanding, expand their repertoire of new supporting lessons, and experience authentic Montessori best practices within a Montessori lab experience to renew the mind, body and spirit.  Truly an awe-inspiring course that is not to be missed!

Your instructors: Syneva Barrett and Katie Ibes.

Course format and structure 

The course includes four weeks of online preparation and a one week face-to-face intensive session comprised of morning Montessori work cycles followed by afternoon ‘salons’ where we deconstruct our experiences and focus on essential elements of best practice in Montessori.  Interspersed in these rich experiences are opportunities to unhook and reconnect to what is core and essential in our practice, our own belief structures and ourselves. 

A teacher’s heart, mind and body need inspiration and relaxation to renew and reinvigorate both practice and spirit.   This course offers high-quality lesson experience and development, high-level professional dialogues and as well as opportunities for reflection and renewal.  

Jeri Grant-Miller Montessori ReNEWal Scholarships

Ten scholarships of $500 each will be awarded to students enrolled in Summer 2014 Montessori ReNEWal course, The Story of the Universe. This scholarship honors Jeri-Grant Miller, a former faculty member who passionately believed that becoming a Montessorian was a process of spiritual transformation. She understood that teachers needed opportunities to continue to develop in both personal and professional growth.  This scholarship is offered in Jeri’s honor as a memorial to her recognition of the importance of the continued growth of Montessori guides.

What would it look like ....

What would it look like if Montessori educators were taught in the same way that we teach our children? What would a dynamic, meaningful inspired Montessori environment for the adult look and feel like? Join us to find out.

To register

Contact your admission counselor, Sylvia Alexander-Sedey (, for details on how to enroll in this summer's Montessori ReNEWal course.


Who are Montessori ReNEWal courses for?
• We developed these courses with experienced elementary Montessori guides in mind.

Do I have to be an elementary Montessori teacher?
• We also welcome Montessori adolescent teachers who want to develop a grounding in the Great Lessons and experience a vibrant Montessori environment.
• We also welcome non-Montessori teachers interested in learning more about Montessori education.  They shall make up no more than 20% of the cohort. 

Do you plan to offer early childhood renewal courses in the future?
• Yes!  We are in the development process now and hope to have our first offering in Summer 2015.

How is this course being offered?
• This is a hybrid course which will consist of 4 weeks of online learning and 6 days of face-to-face experiences.

Do I have to come to St. Paul?
• Yes!  We offer affordable on-campus housing in the summer to support working teachers.

Will you be providing materials?
• Yes!  All participants will receive an album including all the lessons delivered during the course?