Scheduling for Upcoming Cohorts



Scheduling for Upcoming Cohorts

To get started in the AM2 program, you'll gather with instructors and other students for a two- to three-day, face-to-face learning experience. You'll get to know other Montessori educators in your cohort and form a close-knit learning community. Your newly formed relationships will continue online over the following months across geographical distances and for years after graduation.

You'll get to know Montessori faculty members who will introduce you to the curriculum and help you understand how learning takes place in your cohort. You'll also get an orientation to St. Catherine University services and learn how to use the program's web-based instructional software.

Scheduling and locations

St. Catherine University is now accepting applications to join our next AM2 cohorts:

Spring 2016 Cohort   

  • Face-to-face experience: Jan. 29, 30, 31 in St. Paul, Minnesota
  • Online instruction: Continues through 2016
  • Graduation in December 2016
  • See our AM2 Spring Cohort Calendar

Summer 2016 Cohort 

  • Face-to-face experience: June 3-5 in St. Paul, Minnesota
  • Online instruction: Begins June 6 and continues through out the program
  • Graduation: May 2017  
  • See our AM2 Summer Cohort Calendar