K-12: Visual Arts

K-12: Visual Arts

The K–12 visual arts content area is designed for those looking to teach art to students at all grade levels.

Required courses

This content area consists of the requirements for K–12 licensure plus four graduate-level courses and 14 undergraduate art history and visual art courses.

You must complete all required courses in your content area prior to beginning the master’s-level course sequence. Upon admission, you will work with an adviser to tailor a course sequence to fit your individual needs.


  • EDUC 7250: Focus Studies in Elementary Art Education
  • EDUC 7760: Special Methods: Grades 7-12 Teaching of Art
  • EDUC 7890: Student Teaching and Seminar in Art: Secondary
  • EDUC 7900: Student Teaching and Seminar in Art: Elementary


All undergraduate courses are four credits unless otherwise noted.

Art history courses:

  • ARTH 1100: Introduction to Art History: Ancient Through Medieval or ARTH 1110: Introduction to Art History: Renaissance Through Modern
  • ARTH 2650: Modern Art History
  • One additional art history (ARTH) elective course, 2000-level or above

Studio art courses:

  • ART 1000: Two-Dimensional Design
  • ART 1010: Three-Dimensional Design
  • ART 1200: Drawing
  • ART 2250: Art and Technology
  • ART 2300: Painting: Oil or ART 2310: Acrylic or ART 2320: Water
  • ART 2340: Printmaking or ART 2360: Photography
  • ART 2500: Sculpture or ART 2400: Wheel-Thrown Pottery or ART 2450: Clay Sculpture
  • ART 4850: Senior Exhibition
  • Two additional studio art (ART) elective courses, 2000-level or above

At Macalester College:

  • ART 232: Fibers I

Courses numbered below 5000 are undergraduate courses; courses 5000 and above are graduate courses. For detailed course descriptions, visit the Graduate Academic Catalog or the Undergraduate Academic Catalog.