Secondary: Family and Consumer Science

Secondary: Family and Consumer Science

Designed for those looking to teach family and consumer science at the secondary level, this content area consists of two education courses, 10 undergraduate courses in FACS and four additional supporting courses.

You must complete all required courses in your content area prior to beginning the master’s-level course sequence. Upon admission, you will work with an adviser to tailor a course sequence to fit your individual needs.


  • EDUC 7744: Special Methods: Middle-Level Family and Consumer Science
  • EDUC 7754: Special Methods: Senior High Family and Consumer Science


  • FASH 2050: Textiles
  • FASH 2100: Apparel Construction and Analysis
  • FSNU 2200: Food, Nutrition and You OR FSNU 3000: Nutrition
  • FSNU 2900: Food Science
  • FACS 3350: Child in the Family
  • FACS 3360: Parenting Education
  • FACS 3650: Personal and Family Financial Management
  • FACS 3700: Interior Design/Housing
  • FACS 4000: Management Approach to Family Systems
  • FSNU 4250: Current Issues in Food and Nutrition


  • CHEM 1010: General Chemistry I
  • INDI 2000: Career Development for Women
  • SOCI 3210: Marriage and the Family
  • THEO 3850: Spirituality and Sexuality or BIOL 1120: Biology of Women

Courses numbered below 5000 are undergraduate courses; courses 5000 and above are graduate courses. For detailed course descriptions, visit the Graduate Academic Catalog or the Undergraduate Academic Catalog.