STEM Certificate

STEM Certificate

All initial licensure students at St. Catherine University who chose the Elementary option are required to complete a STEM certificate. The certificate comprises three cross-disciplinary, inquiry-based courses team-taught by education and STEM faculty.

The STEM certificate–required courses are:

  • BIOL 1110: Environmental Biology
  • CHEM 1000: Chemistry of Life
  • PHYS 1200: Makin’ and Breakin’ - Engineering in Your World

Each course is centered on one core discipline (chemistry, biology or engineering) with additional integrated themes. Courses are rigorous, hands-on and lab-based with a "contextual" curriculum that focuses students’ work on real-life problems such as climate change.

Content is aligned with Minnesota and national teacher preparation standards and addresses for changes in the Minnesota Academic Standards in Science that incorporate more STEM content and skills with an increased focus on engineering.

STEM certificate courses are team taught by science and education professors emphasizing extensive hands-on activities, new technology and scientific equipment, interdisciplinary teaching methods directly correlated to content and outdoor field investigations.