Why St. Kate's

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Why St. Kate's

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St. Kate’s has long-standing partnerships with many schools both suburban and urban to provide valuable fieldwork and student-teaching experiences to our students.

You’ll be in the classroom long before your formal student-teaching experience during your final year of the program, collaborating with professional educators and learning techniques to teach literacy and science.

Emphasis on STEM competency

St. Kate’s, through its National Center for STEM Elementary Education, is helping to shape the national conversation about STEM — science, technology, engineering and mathematics — education, and our teacher candidates are benefiting. Among the first in the nation, our STEM certificate course of study and extensive STEM fieldwork in the EcoSTARS program will help you become confident, competent and comfortable teaching STEM subjects to elementary school children.

Building your skills in STEM fields makes you more marketable — having this background is going to get you hired. And when you do, you will be able to inspire a new generation of kids to consider science and STEM careers.

A focus on literacy

The state of Minnesota is making literacy a priority, introducing reading standards into schools — and our teachers come out well prepared to meet those standards.

Our faculty boasts several noted literacy researchers and experts. St. Kate’s has a dedicated literacy lab, which partners with our professional development schools to give our students a very deep and rich experience in literacy.

Teaching with technology

Every course in the program models and integrates technology into the classroom, preparing you to enter the ever-evolving teaching profession well versed in high-tech teaching methods.