Mailbox Distribution

Mailbox Distribution

Mailing Services can distribute fliers regarding events or notices pertaining to Institutional business for chartered student organizations, faculty/staff and departments.

All stuffing's must have a completed Request for Distribution form accompanying them and must be given to Mailing Services at least 24 hours before they need to be in mailboxes.

Mailbox Distribution Policy

It is the policy of Mailing Services that only college chartered student organizations and/or items directly dealing with the University or University business may be accepted for distribution into faculty, staff, and student mailboxes. This policy was developed and approved through the Student Affairs office and Mailing Services. Any items of a political or persuasive nature must be clearly labeled with on-campus contact information and be pre-approved for distribution by the Dean of Students.

We reserve the right to forward questionable items to the Dean of Students for authorization prior to accepting the piece for distribution.