Mailboxes +

Mailboxes +

Undergraduate day students are all entitled to a mailbox on campus. Departments, Faculty/Staff, student organizations, and other students can send items to your on-campus mailbox. Please check your mailbox on a regular basis to receive these important communications.

Students living on campus, including the Georgia and Alberta Apartments, will be assigned secure locking mailboxes. These mailboxes allow students to receive general mail delivery from the United States Postal Service.

Commuter students should receive their USPS mail at their home residences. Therefore, all commuter students receive non-locking mailboxes for intercampus mailings only.

Students keep the same mailbox every year unless they change their residency status.

Applying for a Mailbox

If you have not already applied for a mailbox on campus, please fill out the linked form below and email it to

Download Undergraduate Day Student Mailbox Application »

Changing Your Address

Learn how to forward your mail during breaks as well as officially changing your address once you graduate or take a leave of absence. Learn more »

Mailbox Distribution

Mailing Services can distribute fliers regarding events or notices pertaining to Institutional business for chartered student organizations, faculty/staff and departments. Learn more »