Career Connections



Career Connections

Over nearly 30 years, hundreds of MAOL graduates have gone on to successful careers as effective, ethical, enduring leaders. The MAOL is right for you if you want to truly lead​, not just manage, and:

  • Improve your effectiveness in your current role, or
  • Advance into entirely new career directions, and
  • Step forward in your career because of a genuine sense of mission.

MAOL graduates are leading and influencing in business, nonprofit, government and other organizations such as:

  • 3M, American Cancer Society, AT&T, American Red Cross, Ameriprise Financial, Catholic Charities, Honeywell, State of Minnesota, Prudential Insurance, local municipalities, Target Corp, Wells Fargo ... and many more.

20140219_McCabe_Mark_007 fix_0.jpgMARK MCCABE '09

Operations Director | Parks and Recreation Department | Ramsey County

"My decision to pursue the MAOL degree was one of the best in my life. My opportunities for advancement have increased since earning the degree."

Starting up, moving up or re-energizing

Whether you're trying to move up, discover a new direction, or re-energize your career, the MAOL is a valuable investment. The program gives you practical tools and life-changing strategies that can make the difference between sticking with the status quo and taking the next step in your career. Students and faculty will offer you a highly valuable network during and after your studies.

Be prepared to change. The leadership skills you gain will prepare you to take on more responsibilities, rise to higher management positions and achieve a broader view to help your organization succeed. Your career will be energized by a deeper understanding of your leadership strengths, your knowledge of leadership principles and your grasp of the foundational skills needed to lead.



Nonprofit consultant | doctoral student studying human and organization systems

"It didn't take long for me to see the impact that the MAOL would have on my life. The self-discovery process led me to my current pursuits, where I have opportunities to test my leadership and develop my character."

Real-world career applications — today and tomorrow

In the MAOL program, your leadership education is both instant and enduring. You can apply the concepts you learn on a Saturday and apply them in your workplace on a Monday. And the strategies you learn and abilities you'll develop through the program will serve you at work, at home and in the community — for the rest of your life.

Building your leadership network

MAOL students range in age from 25 to 60 and bring an average of 10 years experience in for-profit and nonprofit fields, including technology, business, education, banking, media, healthcare, insurance, government, retail, travel and human services. The variety of perspectives in our small, discussion-based classes vastly enhances the education you receive. Fellow students friends, collaborators, and members of your professional network.

You'll learn with students and faculty members who are leading change. In an interactive learning environment, you'll make connections with people with expertise in a wide range of fields. And because St. Kate's faculty members have far-reaching connections, you will benefit from guest presenters with impressive leadership credentials.

After you graduate

The MAOL Alumni Network offers channels to support your ongoing professional networking, lifelong learning and giving back. Opportunities include informal networking events and service projects, an annual leadership event, the program's Leading Edge newsletter and outreach to current MAOL students.