Course Scheduling and Program Timeline

Course Scheduling and Program Timeline

Designed for busy professionals, the Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership offers you a flexible way to balance your graduate education with work, family, and other commitments.  You determine your own pace and schedule, choose how many courses to take at a time, and select a concentration to meet your unique professional goals.

Start in fall or spring, attend classes evenings or weekends, take a lighter or heavier course load, and proceed through the program at a pace that makes sense for you.

Course scheduling

The MAOL program offers courses during two semesters (fall and spring), a four-week January term, and a 10-week summer term. During fall and spring semesters, a course will meet eight times during the 15-week semester: either Thursday or Friday evenings or Saturday morning or afternoon.

Classes combine interactive, three-hour, face-to-face sessions with online contact between meetings — posting assignments, engaging in discussions with other students and connecting with faculty during online "office" hours.

Most MAOL courses are offered for three credits. The MAOL degree requires a minimum of 39 credits, with a maximum of 44 credits required for the Dispute Resolution concentration. The dual MAOL/JD degree program requires 109 credits.

MELANIE SHIRL​EY​ '13StKate-MelanieShirley.jpg

keeper of all things marketing | Eyebobs | Minneapolis

When Melanie Shirley enrolled in the MAOL she had a full-time job and two-year-old son Wyatt. "The material is rigorous, but you can structure projects and classes to work with your schedule," she says. When she had her second child, Willa, she was able to take a semester off and seamlessly reintegrate into the program.

How long will it take you?

It's possible to finish the program in two years, but many students take the time to go deeper into leadership concepts. 

Class location

Courses for the MAOL program are offered on St. Catherine University's beautiful and historic St. Paul campus, located in a safe residential area at the center of the Twin Cities region. On-site parking is available.

When to get started

You may apply to start the program in fall semester (classes start in early September) or spring semester (classes start in in early February).