Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership (MAOL)

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The Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership (MAOL) at St. Catherine University educates women and men to engage the heart, mind and spirit of an organization — its people. Effective, ethical and enduring leadership practices are woven into every MAOL course. You'll identify your strengths as a leader and enhance your ability to make courageous and wise decisions that move your career and your organization forward.

Pursue a full MAOL degree or a focused graduate certificate. Leadership certificates can also be customized and delivered on site at partner corporations, nonprofits and agencies.

Next steps

Advance your career — and your life

Are you a manager who wants to advance your organization? Do people naturally turn to you to help build consensus or transform ideas into action? Take your leadership skills to the next level with an MAOL degree or graduate certificate. You'll develop the professional and personal vision, confidence and skills to get where you want to go.

The MAOL is right for you if you want to ...

  • Truly lead​, not just manage
  • Improve your effectiveness in your current role or advance to a new role
  • Explore entirely new career directions
  • Step forward in your career because of a genuine sense of mission

Become part of a legacy of shaping leaders

Launched in 1986, the MAOL was the first graduate leadership program in the United States. Since then, hundreds of graduates have gone on to successful careers as effective, ethical, enduring leaders in business, nonprofit, government and other organizations.

Invest in a degree that pays off

Whether you're trying to move up, discover a new direction, or re-energize your career, the MAOL is a valuable investment. The program gives you practical tools and life-changing strategies that can make the difference between sticking with the status quo and taking the next step in your career. Our students and faculty — who are also professionals and leaders — will offer you a highly valuable network during your studies and long after you graduate. Read more about MAOL career connections. » 

Integrate your education into your busy life

MAOL courses meet weekends and evenings, so you can balance your learning with your professional and personal commitments. You determine your own pace and schedule, choose how many courses to take at a time, and select a concentration to meet your unique professional goals. Find out more about course scheduling and flexible timelines. »

Engage in rigorous, dynamic learning

Learning is hands-on and pragmatic.  You will apply your learning immediately to your career and your life. And you will deepen your skills for critical analysis and communication, guided by accomplished faculty and enhanced by fellow students from many fields who share their substantial experience. Find out more about MAOL learning. »

Discover the strengths of values-driven teamwork

Our unique curriculum integrates ethics and social justice, drawing on St. Kate's Catholic heritage and contemporary leadership values, including collaboration and interpersonal connections. Contemporary leadership is about thinking critically, synthesizing information and taking a holistic view to grow both professionally and personally. It's about values, and about creating long-term value.

Gain a global perspective

Ethical leadership today involves understanding and acting with the acknowledgment that we are all global citizens in an increasingly diverse world. Businesses and nonprofit organizations no longer operate inside borders. As a leader, you need the ability to communicate across cultures both in the United States and internationally.

The MAOL curriculum integrates multicultural and global perspectives in every course. You will increase your intercultural competence and learn to influence an organization to make ethical decisions that affect people of differing ages, races, religions, ethnicities and geographies. St. Catherine also offers multiple study-abroad options. »

Minnesota Census of Women in Corporate Leadership

Since 2008, St. Kate's MAOL faculty members have pioneered research into women's presence on corporate boards and in positions of leadership. Their findings are available online:


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