Entry Level Master's Weekend/Hybrid Program



Entry Level Master's Weekend/Hybrid Program

The Master of Arts in Occupational Therapy: Entry-Level program is available for women and men with a baccalaureate degree. It prepares you to be certified as a registered occupational therapist.

The MAOT weekend/hybrid option is a rigorous, full-time program. While the courses are offered through flexible scheduling, students must plan carefully to balance the demands of graduate school with other work, family and community obligations.

Students who choose to work during the day while pursuing the graduate degree should plan ahead for possible daytime commitments when completing their fieldwork and some group assignments.

Year 1 - 26 credits

Fall Semester
OSOT 5010: Occupational Science Foundations (3 credits)
OSOT 5500: Neuroscience (3 credits)
OSOT 6000: Skills I: Introduction to Occupational Therapy (3 credits)
OSOT 6310: Evidence Based Practice (3 credits)
OSOT 6010: Fieldwork (FW) Seminar A (1 credit)

Spring Semester
OSOT 5030: Occupational Science: Ethics and Advocacy (3 credits)
OSOT 5200: Mental Health I (3 credits)
OSOT 5600: Clinical Kinesiology (3 credits)
OSOT 6410: Foundations of Research (3 credits)
OSOT 6020: FW Seminar B (1 credit)

Year 2 - 23 credits

Fall Semester
OSOT 5020: Occupational Science: Community and Justice (3 credits)
OSOT 5410: Pediatrics I (3 credits)
OSOT 6060: Skills II: Biomechanical Concepts (3 credits)
OSOT 5210: Mental Health II (3 credits)
OSOT 6030: FW Seminar C (1 credit)

Spring Semester
OSOT 6610: Rehabilitation I (3 credits)
OSOT 6620: Management and Leadership (3 credits)
OSOT 5450: Pediatrics II (3 credits)
OSOT 7000: Masters Project Seminar (summer) (1 credit)

Year 3 - 22 credits

Fall Semester
OSOT 7110: Occupational Therapy for Older Adults (3 credits)
OSOT 7500: Masters Project (3 credits)
OSOT 6615: Rehabilitation II (3 credits)
OSOT 6040: FW Seminar D (1 credit)

OSOT 7770: Level II Fieldwork (6 credits)

Spring Semester
OSOT 7780: Level II Fieldwork (6 credits)

Total credits for degree: 71

Optional additional Level II Speciality Fieldwork
OSOT 7840 Level II Specialty Fieldwork (4 credits)
OSOT 7860 Level II Specialty Fieldwork (6 credits)