Undergraduate Day

Undergraduate Day

mapworks_round_small.jpgMAP-Works is designed to promote student success and retention by helping students align their behaviors with successful outcomes. The system allows you to refer students to campus resources, save notes from student interactions, and view student profile information that is relevant to your role on-campus.

Video Tutorials 

If you missed a training session or you're ready to advance please visit our tutorial videos page.

MAP-Works User Guides

User guides serve two purposes. One is to provide you with training on how to use the MAP-Works system. The other is to provide guidance on how to utilize the MAP-Works report and referral tools to enhance the work you do with students. If you need assistance please contact erichter-norgel@stkate.edu

MAP-works Best Practices for Faculty and Staff

Getting Started

Managing and Communicating with Your Students

Using Notes and Making Referrals

The NEW Early Alert System

Reviewing Survey Responses

Using MAP-Works on Devices

User guide materials adapted with permission from Northern Illinois University.