Information for Managers



Information for Managers

Necessary Information for Request Form

Before filling out the Marketplace uStore Request form, ensure that you have a department budget number, which includes Fund code, Organization code, Account number, and program code.  The budget number you provide will be verified for use by the Business Office.

Categorize Your Items

There are three areas within marketplace that your item can fall under; Event, Physical Item, or General Payment (see description below). You will need to decide which area best fits your item. It is possible to have items under different areas in one store (e.g. an invoice you want to collect on and a t-shirt). This is fine as long as you know where each item(s) fits.

  • Event - Are you selling tickets or taking registrations? E.g. basketball game, conference, swimming classes
  • Physical Item - Are you selling items such as t-shirts, finals baskets, school supplies etc.?
  • General Payment - Are you collecting deposits, invoice payments, something that does not have a set cost?

Store Manager Responsibilities

Keeping up your uStore requires the following:

  • Fulfilling Orders - General payments and event registrations are automatically fulfilled when the "Fulfill Orders" process is completed by the Store Manager.  Physical items must be shipped and marked as fulfilled so the credit card is charged.
  • Monitoring Reports - Store Managers will want to review the reports available in Marketplace to download registration lists for events, determine which products are selling and see how much revenue is coming in for their store.
  • Cancelling Orders/Issuing Refunds - If customers change their minds or are not satisfied with their orders, want to cancel attendance at an event, want their money refunded, the Store Manager is responsible for processing these requests.
  • Adding Items - Items can be added or deleted after the uStore has been created.  Store Managers can tailor their site to meet changing needs.
  • Maintaining the Integrity of the uStore - Store Managers are responsible for ensuring that all products meet University standards, all orders are fulfilled in a timely manner, and that the security of the site is monitored and maintained.

Not following the responsibilities and guidelines could result in termination of your uStore and/or from you or your group being able to have a uStore in the future.

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