Master of Business Administration | MBA Minneapolis St. Paul MN

Advance your career. Lead and influence with a St. Kate's MBA

The St. Kate's MBA is for women and men who believe in business as a force for change. With a Masters of business administration, St. Paul graduates will have the skills and experience to excel within the many facets of business. From comprehensive business, management, and marketing theory, to practical techniques that allow for effective leadership and team building, this is the MBA MN students can rely on to take the next step forward in their career. You will learn to:

  • Effectively manage diverse cultures and teams.
  • Utilize strategic decision-making and problem-solving skills to facilitate growth.
  • Make an impact at every level of the organization.

Gain the skills you need to deliver on the bottom line. Advance as a manager and leader. Get the support you need to graduate in just 24 months. Move your career forward and make a difference in the world around you. Anything is possible when you graduate with the Master in business administration, Minneapolis and Twin Cities students trust to better prepare them for their futures.

With concentrations in management, integrated marketing communications and healthcare, get the education you need to succeed in the field that you are passionate about. Change your life, and make a real impact with the MBA from St. Kate’s.

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