Tuition and Financial Aid



Tuition and Financial Aid

A graduate degree is a major investment in your future — one with an excellent cost-benefit ratio. Backed by the value of St. Catherine University’s reputation, our graduates are prepared to lead, influence and succeed as physician assistants. But, as with any major investment, graduate school expenses are something you’ll need to plan for carefully.

Your costs will be spread across your 28 months as a Master of Physician Assistant Studies student. You’ll receive a bill for tuition and fees for each academic term (fall, January term and spring, and summer), based on how many credits you’ve registered for during that term. For fall and spring semesters, a four-month payment plan is available.

For details on billing, see our student accounts pages.

MPAS Tuition and Fees

  • $736: Cost per credit (2015-16 rate)
  • $80,960: Total tuition costs for the 110-credit MPAS degree, at 2015-16 rates.

These figures are for estimation purposes only. Because tuition and fee rates change each June 1 for the following academic year, your costs for the 28-month MPAS degree will be higher than the total figures quoted here.

For each academic term, you'll also be charged a $30 student fee and a $150 technology fee. You'll also be assessed a one-time $15 new student fee, and a one-time $120 graduation fee. These fees are in effect for the 2015-16 academic year and are subject to change.

Additional information about current tuition rates and fees is available on our student accounts pages.

Other Expenses

Over the course of study, MPAS students may incur approximately $11,000 for other program-related expenses such as credentialing requirements, student malpractice insurance, medical equipment, lab coat, laptop, and books and supplies. Students who choose to participate in an international course or rotation will have additional costs that range from $3,000 to $5,000.

Students should also plan for additional out-of-pocket expenses such as transportation, including travel during clinical rotations, room, board and personal expenses over the course of the 28-month program. Actual expenses will depend on the individual student's housing arrangements and personal choices.

St. Catherine Master of Physician Assistant Studies Primary Care Scholarship

St. Catherine University values your scholarship and recognizes your effort and commitment to primary care with our St. Catherine MPAS Primary Care Scholarship. All applicants to the MPAS program will be considered for this scholarship.

Students also have access to federal graduate student loan programs, as well as ongoing resources and advising from the university's Office of Finanical Aid. Learn more about graduate financial aid resources at St. Catherine University »