St. Kate’s music theater major is for students who want to study the relationship between music and theater, and are interested in learning about on-stage performance, orchestra pit or backstage work.

Student Heidi Robertson is pursuing a double major in music theater and studio art. Others also have successfully paired music theater with other fields of study.

Course Requirements

  • Music Skills I
  • The Art of Listening or World Music
  • Music Skills II
  • Acting: Leadership in Performance
  • Directing: Event Production
  • Dance for Musical Theater
  • Women and Music
  • Topics: Survey of Musical Theater
  • Topics: Senior Research and Performance Project
  • 4 semesters of lessons, 1000 or 2000 level (1 cr./semester)
  • 4 semesters music ensemble (1 cr./semester) participation in four productions (at least two of which are musicals)

For detailed course descriptions, visit the catalog.