Ways We Can Help

Ways We Can Help

The stakes are high. Throughout school districts today, administrators, curriculum specialists and teachers are being held accountable for test scores in individual schools and across districts.

Teachers, especially at the elementary level, need to understand their state standards along with Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards. They need a good foundation of STEM knowledge. They need to know how to teach STEM concepts successfully and how to integrate them into an already packed curriculum. They need to practice and build confidence in STEM areas.

Assessing school or district needs

The challenge for central administrators is to develop and implement strategies that ensure elementary teachers in their district are well prepared to impart STEM knowledge to their students. Our science and education experts at the National Center for STEM Elementary Education are here to help. We have a wealth of experience in both urban and suburban schools and with diverse student populations.

First we listen. We can conduct a formal needs assessment or start with one that you have already administered. We can help you map your district curriculum to state standards and identify the gaps.

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Armed with information about where the district is today and where it needs to go, we will design targeted in-service workshops and/or graduate-level teacher preparation programs that will move you and your teachers toward becoming competent and confident STEM teachers. STEM Center faculty can join your teachers in their classrooms, serving as mentors and continuing to build confidence over time.

We also can help you build a cadre of STEM teacher-leaders who support new teachers or those who may not have attended workshops.

STEM graduate certificates

The Center has a number of graduate-level STEM certificate options for elementary classroom teachers, including one specifically for Montessori teachers. Our certificates help teachers renew and refresh their STEM teaching skills and remain competitive in the marketplace.

More information for educators

To start a conversation about STEM programs for your school or district, email stem@stkate.edu.