Get a STEM Minor

Get a STEM Minor

The STEM minor at St. Kate’s is an interdisciplinary program open to any undergraduate day student not pursuing a STEM major. It is a model of interdisciplinary teaching and learning that bridges the gap between scientific knowledge and pedagogical application.

Thirteen faculty members are involved in the program, representing education, physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics,and engineering. This interdisciplinary approach strengthens scientific knowledge in the educational setting and provides a new paradigm for how science is taught, learned and disseminated in the classroom.7638119944_569b34a2cd_m.jpg

All of the courses are inquiry-based and have a lab component. Students develop questions and hypotheses; they design and conduct experiments, collect and analyze data. They also design and build structures. This varies with each course, so students are engaged actively in the inquiry process and in their own learning. Courses required for the STEM minor are:

  •     Chemistry of Life
  •     Environmental Biology
  •     Engineering in Your World
  •     Environmental Science
  •     Conceptual Physics

All courses in the minor develop communication techniques to promote STEM efforts through various media. Technology is integrated throughout all five courses, from learning about robots and automation to presentation skills using computer software.

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