National Catholic Sisters Week Electronic Toolkit



National Catholic Sisters Week Electronic Toolkit

Welcome to the National Catholic Sisters Week (NCSW) Electronic Toolkit.

Thank you in advance for your help in promoting NCSW to your networks!

The toolkit below contains the materials and their potential uses for promotion of NCSW.

General Materials

Fact Sheets
Share each fact sheet which contains fun facts,“sister stats” and “notable nuns" on your social networks, websites or in printed materials. You can also pull fun facts to highlight on your social media pages to get your followers excited for the launch of NCSW. Posting a daily question to your followers using one of the facts is a great way to engage your followers to learn more about NCSW.

Social Media Posts Template
Here are suggested Facebook posts and Tweets to use on your social media channels. We would recommend choosing 2-4 posts leading up to launch week and 2-4 posts during NCSW.

Other ways we encourage you to be active in social media are to change your Facebook cover photo or profile picture to the NCSW branded templates the week prior to and/or during launch week.

Social posts encouraging your followers to “like” the NCSW Facebook page would also expand our reach and ensure interested individuals get the most up-to-date information and can stay engaged with the campaign over the long term.

Newsletter Story
We encourage you to educate your networks about the inaugural NCSW, its events and mission by including a story in your organization’s next electronic or print newsletter. The newsletter story can be used as-is or adjusted to include details relevant to your members. We also encourage you to utilize the story after launch week occurs to help us sustain momentum for the broader Sister Story initiative. The newsletter story can be repurposed by posting a link to your electronic newsletter on your social channels.

Visual Materials

National Catholic Sisters Week logo
We encourage you to upload the NCSW logo as a Facebook profile picture or to use in your social media posts, newsletter articles or in other online or printed promotions of NCSW.

National Catholic Sisters Weeks Facebook Logo

National Catholic Sisters Week Facebook Cover Photo
We encourage you to upload the NCSW customized Facebook cover photo to your organization’s or your personal Facebook page. The cover photo is a great visual to show your support for and educate your followers about NCSW.

National Catholic Sisters Week Facebook Cover Photo

Anthem video
We encourage you to view and share our anthem video for NCSW via your social channels. A link to the video could also be included in an e-newsletter article.

Anthem Video

Advertisements/Digital Advertisements
Advertisements that include the NCSW launch week details can be shared as a visual post on Facebook and Twitter. They can also be included in bulletins, newsletters or other print materials that your members read.

SisterStories Ad

Reference Materials
The following resources are available as informational materials and provide helpful background if you would like to create your own materials or further customize any pieces in the toolkit.

Press releases
A press release was distributed ahead of launch week to promote NCSW to religious trade, Twin Cities local media and national media. A media advisory outlining the Soledad O’Brien launch event will also be distributed to local Twin Cities media prior to March 8.

You are encouraged to use these materials as background information about the NCSW events and can distribute it to a trade or local media outlet in your area if fitting.

Talking Points
The talking points were originally created for the NCSW spokespeople to help focus their messaging when talking about NCSW and its mission. Reviewing the talking points will help you understand the key points we’d like to promote about the campaign.

Biographies/Headshots of Spokespeople
The biographies and headshots of the NCSW spokespeople, Molly Hazelton and Sister Mary Soher, are included for your background knowledge, and can be used to provide more detailed information about the women responsible for the Sister Story initiative and the NCSW program.